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Franck Muller Watches Story

Launched in 1991, Franck Muller hit the market with his personally-inspired line of watches. Muller, the man behind the namesake brand, has been dubbed a ��watch-making genius�� by many of his peers for his unique style that utilizes modern themes from the American thirties. Currently, Muller serves as the president of his company and has claimed an integral part in the making of each watch by designing each watch��s mechanisms with his own touch. Before the company started in 1991, Muller crafted his own tourbillion timepiece. At this time only a handful of watchmakers had the ability to construct this sort of work. Before the company took off, Muller was also privately designing custom timepieces for customers, which helped him built his reputation. In 1991, The House of Franck Muller finally opened its doors, and Muller became a huge success story around the world. Fighting against the 1980��s emergence of quartz into the watch industry, Franck Muller was a daring individual with a stubborn ambition for mechanical watches. Muller had concluded that even though the quartz watch industry was on the rise in Switzerland, a well-designed mechanical watch had just as much value, if not more. Muller continued to set his mind on crafting the finest and most efficient mechanical watches on the market at that time. Fortunately for Muller, his hard work and ingenuity caught the attention of American and European watch customers alike. Even twenty years later, Muller is currently selling 40,000 watches a year. Muller��s company also claims to offer the most extensive and complicated watch in the world, the Aeternitas Mega. This watch is comprised of 1,483 components, a feat that boasts creativity and master craftsmanship, both which are fair descriptions of Muller��s ability. Today Muller��s manufacturing center and headquarters crafts timepieces in limited quantity that end up in the hands and on the wrists of select clients. What Franck Muller is most notable for is his World Premiers. The company consistently releases timepieces that are innovative and groundbreaking for watchmakers everywhere. Since 1993, the company has been hosting its World Premiers and has proven to be one of the most advanced companies in the industry. Watches that have been released during the World Premiers have featured technology such as perpetual calendars, split second chronographs, and minute repeaters. Franck Muller has also been sure to preserve his unique touch in the timepiece industry by patenting most of the watches featured in the World Premier. The designer is also deliberate in making watches that are not only beautiful but also efficient. All of Franck Muller��s watches are mechanical, meaning they have either a manual or self-winding movement. This adds a genuine feel to every watch that has been crafted by Franck Muller. The unique company has also gained notoriety in its design of Revolution2, Revolution3, Colour Dreams, and Crazy Hours. ...View All Franck Muller Products

Franck Muller Watches

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