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When Bell & Ross was first conceptualized in the late 1980's, the idea was to create watches that could serve specifically as precise time indicators for pilots and space controllers. The founders knew that although they were targeting a very small market, they could still become well known because of their incorporation of Swiss elements. After years of planning, Bell & Ross opened its doors in 1992 and instantly experienced success. The company had customers that ranged from everyday construction workers to bomb defusing squads. Bell & Ross did an excellent job marketing their product towards people who, on a daily basis, worked in extreme situations. With the ability to withstand massive amounts of heat, pressure, and force, Bell & Ross made watches that gained notoriety for their relative indestructibility. The company originally formed a partnership with Sinn Models, a watch production company. Sinn Models partnered with Bell & Ross because they were able to cover the production side of the process, while Bell & Ross designed, marketed, and sold the watches. Shortly after, the company parted ways with Sinn. This allowed Bell & Ross to become their own independent production company that is now vertically integrated, making their process more efficient and more cost effective. Bell & Ross is notorious for the four key components of their watches: optimal water resistance, accurate Swiss mechanical movements, clear visual indicators, and special functions intended for specific uses. Each watch is also equipped with a quartz line called the BRS which uses the 15 jewel quartz movement. To make sure that Bell & Ross was actually making watches to fit their customer��s needs, the company hired people who actually knew what those customers would need. Teams of engineers were assigned to the durability aspect, while great watchmakers were recruited to design the mechanization of the each timepiece. Keeping in mind Bell & Ross�� four basic principles, the company was extremely attentive to detail and worked to make each watch functional in as many ways as possible. In its early years, Bell & Ross gained an identity as the perfect watch for anyone who was going to fly or dive. As the company gained notoriety, they were adopted by NATO and the US Air Force. The company had worked hard to establish their image, and this was merely icing on the cake. Later on, they also agreed to a contract with the French Security Service��s bomb disposal squad. To make a statement, Bell & Ross later released the Hydromax, which was able to resist underwater pressures of up to 11,000 meters. In 1994, the company also had a watch in space, when German astronaut Reinhart Furrer wore it on the Spacelab mission. The company also launched a women��s line. Bell & Ross launched the Mystery Diamond in 2003. The Mystery Diamond combined the style of women��s watch fashion with Bell & Ross�� reputation as the most durable watch in the industry. ...View All Bell & Ross Products

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